Snapped longboard 


This board snapped on a punchy swell and low spring tide at Woolacombe. Fortunately it’s been snapped previously so no tears were shed. It was a right old mess though, a big section of delamination under the nose.The damaged glass was removed from the deck and bottom, the rails were in good nick so remained untouched, this really helped aligning the to halves when “glued” together.

All the cut glass edges were feathered down, imperfections and the the join skimmed with foam filler.

The rocker (bottom line curve) looked spot on, if you get that wrong the board will never ride the same again! The nose and snap section were sympathetically reglassed. Too much strength put into the repair the board could break again either side of it, snapped boards never break in the same place!

Normally I’d seamlessly disguise repairs but this board has had so many repairs i thought the best idea was a complete new look. A mixture of 2k and cellulose paint. Bar a little more weight the board still rides as good as new.

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